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Voake, Steve The Dreamwalker's Child. Faber & Faber 2006 Grade 5-8–Sam Palmer, a lonely boy fascinated by insects, is hit by a car while riding his bike and transported to the parallel world of Aurobon. There he discovers a race of people who use insects as war machines and a plan to rid the Earth of humans using a deadly virus transmitted by mosquitoes. With the help of a girl named Skipper, one of the best pilots ever, Sam, the dreamwalker's child, must fulfill his part in an ancient prophecy to restore order to the land. This page-turner has something for everyone. Boys will love the exciting chase scenes and girls will appreciate Skipper's fearlessness when she is sent to rescue Sam. There is a clear environmental message, but it is not heavy-handed. A riveting adventure that offers something a little different. 192 ISBN: 9780571223473 Softcover 19,4 x 12,6 x 2,4 cm
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Bestell-Nr.: BN5121 - gefunden im Sachgebiet: Varia
Anbieter: Versandantiquariat Jena, DE-07745 Jena
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Lassiter, Rhiannon Dreamwalker. Rowohlt Taschenbuch 2006 318 S. Taschenbuch/Paperback ISBN: 9783499212888 Frisches, ungelesenes Exemplar.
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Bestell-Nr.: 37866 - gefunden im Sachgebiet: Varia
Anbieter:, DE-69117 Heidelberg

EUR 7,00
inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand: EUR 1,70
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Dreamwalker - Der Zauber des Drachenvolkes

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Oswald, James und Gabriele Haefs: Dreamwalker - Der Zauber des Drachenvolkes cbj, 2015. 416 S. broschiert ISBN: 9783570403068 Sofortversand! Schönes Exemplar, fast keine Gebrauchsspuren, innen auch sehr gut; very good Immediate delivery in bubble wrap envelope! Good to very good copy, with little signs of previous use, interior in very good condition 170705av17 ISBN: 9783570403068
[SW: Inspektor McLean, Licia Troisi, High Fantasy, Tolkien, Das Mädchenopfer, Game of Thrones, Eragon, Christopher Paolini, Drachenfantasy]
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Bestell-Nr.: 425724 - gefunden im Sachgebiet: Romane/Erzählungen: Fantasy
Anbieter: Berliner Büchertisch, DE-12043 Berlin
Versandkostenfrei nach Deutschland (Land-/Seeweg) ab EUR 100,00 Bestellwert bei diesem Anbieter.

EUR 3,70
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Phoenix Rising. No-Eyes`Vision Of The Changes To Come 8. Auflage

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Mary Summer Rain Phoenix Rising. No-Eyes`Vision Of The Changes To Come 8. Auflage Hampton Roads Publishing Company 1993 Taschenbuch 174 S. ISBN: 9781878901620 mit leichten Gebrauchsspuren! Mary Summer Rain`s relationship with the old and wise Indian shaman No-Eyes, introduced in Spirit Song, continues, as she reveals to Mary her compelling visions of the future. From the setting in the simple mountain cabin, No-Eyes takes her on a sometimes frightening journey through time, viewing the upheavals to come through a unique perspective, on timeless paths that few have ever traveled. Second in a celebrated and best-selling series, which includes Spirit Song, Dreamwalker, Phantoms Afoot, Daybreak, Soul Sounds, Mountains, Meadows, and Moonbeams(Young Spirit), and Whispered Wisdom, Phoenix Rising gives the reader an understanding of the relationship between the Earth Mother and the creatures who inhabit her domain. It`s a book that is already a classic for its philosophical insight and the powerful lyricism of the author`s portrayal of the beautiful mountains of Colorado. And, as always, the unique relationship between teacher and student is delightfully rendered.
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Bestell-Nr.: BN32601 - gefunden im Sachgebiet: Englischsprachige Bücher / Religiöse Bücher (englisch)
Anbieter: Antiquariat UPP, DE-93161 Sinzing

EUR 39,95
inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand: EUR 3,00
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