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Voake, Steve The Dreamwalker's Child. Faber & Faber 2006 Grade 5-8–Sam Palmer, a lonely boy fascinated by insects, is hit by a car while riding his bike and transported to the parallel world of Aurobon. There he discovers a race of people who use insects as war machines and a plan to rid the Earth of humans using a deadly virus transmitted by mosquitoes. With the help of a girl named Skipper, one of the best pilots ever, Sam, the dreamwalker's child, must fulfill his part in an ancient prophecy to restore order to the land. This page-turner has something for everyone. Boys will love the exciting chase scenes and girls will appreciate Skipper's fearlessness when she is sent to rescue Sam. There is a clear environmental message, but it is not heavy-handed. A riveting adventure that offers something a little different. 192 ISBN: 9780571223473 Softcover 19,4 x 12,6 x 2,4 cm
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Bestell-Nr.: BN5121 - gefunden im Sachgebiet: Varia
Anbieter: Versandantiquariat Jena, DE-07745 Jena
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Lassiter, Rhiannon Dreamwalker. Rowohlt Taschenbuch 2006 318 S. Taschenbuch/Paperback ISBN: 9783499212888 Frisches, ungelesenes Exemplar.
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Bestell-Nr.: 37866 - gefunden im Sachgebiet: Varia
Anbieter:, DE-69117 Heidelberg

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