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Something Sinful (The Griffin Family Book 3) (English Edition)

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Enoch, Suzanne: Something Sinful (The Griffin Family Book 3) (English Edition) HarperCollins e-books, 17.03.2009. 384 Seiten Kindle Ausgabe ISBN: 9780060842550 in gutem Zustand D3408 ISBN 9780060842550
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Bestell-Nr.: 2237175 - gefunden im Sachgebiet: Romane, Erzählungen, Unterhaltung
Anbieter: Antiquariat Buchhandel Daniel Viertel, DE-65549 Limburg an der Lahn
Versandkostenfrei nach Deutschland (Land-/Seeweg) ab EUR 250,00 Bestellwert bei diesem Anbieter.

EUR 2,50
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Bessie Smith

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Smith, Bessie: Bessie Smith CBS Special Products – LSP 14100, 1977. Vinyl-Box LP-Vinyl Schallplatte in einem guten bis sehr guten Zustand, am Cover kleinere Gebrauchsspuren. Die Vinyl-Platten sind stets in Inlays. 10-LP-Box. A1 Down Hearted Blues 3:23 A2 Gulf Coast Blues 3:03 A3 Aggravatin' Papa 3:15 A4 Beale Street Papa 3:33 A5 Baby Won't You Please Come Home 2:54 A6 Oh Daddy (You Won't Have No Mama At All) 3:02 A7 Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do 3:23 A8 Keeps On A-Runnin' (Papa He Can't Make No Time) 3:03 B1 Mama's Got The Blues 2:56 B2 Outside Of That 3:27 B3 Bleeding Hearted Blues 3:05 B4 Lady Luck Blues 3:06 B5 Yodling Blues 3:10 B6 Midnight Blues 3:16 B7 If You Don't, I Know Who Will 3:33 B8 Nobody In Town Can Bake A Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine 3:28 C1 See If I'll Care 3:22 C2 Baby Have Pity On Me 3:18 C3 On Revival Day (A Rhythmic Spiritual) 2:54 C4 Moan, You Mourners 3:10 C5 Hustlin' Dan 3:29 C6 Black Mountain Blues 3:08 C7 In The House Blues 2:55 C8 Long Old Road 3:21 D1 Blue Blue 3:10 D2 Shipwreck Blues 3:14 D3 Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl 2:45 D4 Safety Mama 3:22 D5 Do Your Duty 3:23 D6 Gimme A Pigfoot 3:27 D7 Take Me For A Buggy Ride 2:35 D8 Down In The Dumps 3:09 E1 Jail House Blues 3:14 E2 St. Louis Gal 3:25 E3 Same Jones Blues 2:47 E4 Graveyard Dream Blues 2:33 E5 Cemetery Blues 3:32 E6 Far Away Blues 3:00 E7 I'm Going Back To My Used To Be 2:53 E8 Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Time 3:08 F1 My Sweetie Went Away 3:11 F2 Any Woman's Blues 3:25 F3 Chicago Bound Blues 3:15 F4 Mistreating Daddy 3:15 F5 Frosty Morning Blues 3:12 F6 Haunted House Blues 3:12 F7 Eavesdropper's Blues 2:55 F8 Easy Come, Easy Go Blues 3:07 G1 I'm Wild About That Thing 2:47 G2 You've Got To Give Me Some 2:44 G3 Kitchen Man 2:55 G4 I've Got What It Takes 3:07 G5 Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 2:56 G6 Take It Right Back 3:19 G7 He's Got Me Goin' 3:11 G8 It Makes My Love Come Down 2:54 H1 Wasted Life Blues 3:01 H2 Dirty No-Gooder's Blues 2:56 H3 Blue Spirit Blues 2:55 H4 Worn Out Papa Blues 2:48 H5 You Don't Understand 3:03 H6 Don't Cry Baby 3:08 H7 Keep It To Yourself 3:29 H8 New Orleans Hop Scop Blues 2:57 I1 Sing Sing Prison Blues 3:03 I2 Follow The Deal On Down 3:16 I3 Sinful Blues 3:09 I4 Woman's Trouble Blues 3:04 I5 Love Me Daddy Blues 3:13 I6 Dying Gambler's Blues 2:56 I7 St. Louis Blues 3:09 I8 Reckless Blues 3:01 J1 Sobbin' Hearted Blues 3:00 J2 Cold In Hand Blues 3:12 J3 You've Been A Good Ole Wagon 3:28 J4 Cake Walkin' Babies 3:07 J5 The Yellow Dog Blues 3:01 J6 Soft Pedal Blues 3:17 J7 Dixie Flyer Blues 3:07 J8 Nashville Woman's Blues 3:41 K1 Muddy Water 3:06 K2 There'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight 3:28 K3 Trombone Cholly 3:10 K4 Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair 3:21 K5 Them's Graveyard Words 2:57 K6 Hot Spring Blues 3:02 K7 Sweet Mistreater 3:09 K8 Lock And Key 2:57 L1 Mean Old Bedbug Blues 3:48 L2 A Good Man Is Hard To Find 3:00 L3 Homeless Blues 3:34 L4 Looking For My Man Blues 2:48 L5 Dyin' By The Hour 2:58 L6 Foolish Man Blues 2:53 L7 Thinking Blues 3:07 L8 Pickpocket Blues 2:42 M1 Sorrowful Blues 3:16 M2 Pinchbacks-Take 'Em Away 3:13 M3 Rocking Chair Blues 3:12 M4 Ticket Agent, Ease Your Window Down 3:19 M5 Boweavil Blues 2:51 M6 Hateful Blues 3:06 M7 Frankie Blues 3:28 M8 Moonshine Blues 3:14 N1 Lou'siana Low Down Blues 3:23 N2 Mountain Top Blues 3:11 N3 Work House Blues 3:19 N4 House Rent Blues 3:05 N5 Salt Water Blues 3:26 N6 Rainy Weather Blues 3:34 N7 Weeping Willow Blues 3:07 N8 The Bye Bye Blues 3:15 O1 I Used To Be Your Sweet Mama 2:48 O2 I'd Rather Be Dead And Buried In My Grave 2:54 O3 Standin' In The Rain Blues 2:52 O4 It Won't Be You 2:46 O5 Spider Man Blues 3:21 O6 Empty Bed Blues (Parts 1 & 2) 6:19 O7 Put It Right Here (Or Keep It Out There) 2:57 P1 Yes Indeed He Do! 3:13 P2 Devil's Gonna Get You 3:09 P3 You Ought To Be Ashamed 3:05 P4 Washwoman's Blues 3:07 P5 Slow And Easy Man 2:55 P6 Poor Man's Blues 3:24 P7 Please Help Me Get Him Off My Mind 2:55 P8 Me And My Gin 2:50 Q1 Careless Love Blues 3:23 Q2 J.C. Holmes Blues 3:02 Q3 I Ain't Goin' To Play No Second Fiddle 3:20 Q4 He's Gone Blues 3:08 Q5 Nobody's Blues But Mine 2:50 Q6 I Ain't Got Nobody 3:08 Q7 My Man Blues 3:27 Q8 New Gule Coast Blues 3:19 R1 Florida Bound Blues 3:12 R2 At The Christmas Ball 3:24 R3 I've Been Mistreated And I Don't Like It (P.D.) 2:55 R4 Red Mountain Blues 3:11 R5 Golden Rule Blues 3:03 R6 Lonesome Desert Blues 3:24 R7 Them "Has Been" Blues 3:31 R8 Squeeze Me 2:51 S1 What's The Matter Now? 2:44 S2 I Want Ev'ry Bit Of It 2:36 S3 Jazzbo Brown From Memphis Town 3:19 S4 The Gin House Blues 3:12 S5 Money Blues 3:09 S6 Baby Doll 2:59 S7 Hard Driving Papa 2:56 S8 Lost Your Head Blues 2:53 T1 Hard Time Blues 3:12 T2 Honey Man Blues 3:12 T3 One And Two Blues 2:52 T4 Young Woman's Blues 3:07 T5 Preachin' The Blues 2:49 T6 Back Water Blues 3:17 T7 Afer You've Gone 2:55 T8 Alexander's Ragtime Band 2:58 N89
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Bestell-Nr.: 331269 - gefunden im Sachgebiet: Schallplatten/LP
Anbieter: ABC Versand e.K., DE-65326 Aarbergen
Versandkostenfrei nach Deutschland (Land-/Seeweg) ab EUR 50,00 Bestellwert bei diesem Anbieter.

EUR 25,00
inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand: EUR 4,90
Lieferzeit: 2 - 3 Werktage
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