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Kundera, Milan Slowness London , Faber and Faber , 1996 132 S., Opbd., Antikbuch24-SchnellhilfeOktav = Höhe des Buchrücken 18,5-22,5 cm, 22,5 x 14,5 x 1,5 cm, Schutzumschlag etwas berieben,
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Bestell-Nr.: 07243 - gefunden im Sachgebiet: Englischsprachige Bücher: Romane (englisch)
Anbieter: Die Büchertruhe, DE-47877 Willich-Anrath
Versandkostenfrei nach Deutschland (Land-/Seeweg) ab EUR 150,00 Bestellwert bei diesem Anbieter.
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EUR 5,00
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Herbert Maier: Wer wir sind - Eine Visuelle Bibliothek Kat. Museum für Neue Kunst Freiburg

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Maier, Herbert und Isabel Herda: Herbert Maier: Wer wir sind - Eine Visuelle Bibliothek Kat. Museum für Neue Kunst Freiburg Snoeck, 28.10.2016. 572 S. Hardcover ISBN: 9783864421907 Sofortversand! Schönes Exemplar, keine Gebrauchsspuren, innen auch sehr gut; very good Immediate delivery in bubble wrap envelope! Good to very good copy, with little signs of previous use, interior in very good condition It is The Visual LibraryHerbert Maiers fascinating project represents a successful attempt at global thinking: it bears witness to the availability of images, the slowness of classical painting as well as his passion for travel and collections. The images with which Herbert Maier returns from all over the world are images that people have created of themselves and of others; they show human culture in all its facets, in its beauty and in its abysmal dimensions. Faces, portraits, heads and masks - hardly any other motif is represented more frequently in the history of art and culture; behind every representation of a human being lies the hope of revealing the quintessence of humanity as such, however stylized or individualistic and naturalistic it may be. For many years, Herbert Maier traveled to various places and regions, to Pakistan, India, Nepal, Mexico, Guatemala, the USA, Israel, Iran and the tribal areas of West Africa. His visual library is closely linked with these journeys. Encounters with other people and the inclusion of their artistic and cultural testimonies his personal imaginary image memory became just as important to him as the examination of Western art. Since 2009, Herbert Maier has been working on this encyclopaedia, which currently contains over 500 watercolours. Watercolour painting, characterized by transparency and lightness, is the only technique that allows the creation of such a large number of images in such a short time.Exhibition:Museum Neuer Kunst, Freiburg, 29/10/2016-26/2/2017  171216axo102 ISBN: 9783864421907
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Bestell-Nr.: 450426 - gefunden im Sachgebiet: Design/Künste: Auktions- und Ausstellungskataloge
Anbieter: Berliner Büchertisch, DE-12043 Berlin
Versandkostenfrei nach Deutschland (Land-/Seeweg) ab EUR 100,00 Bestellwert bei diesem Anbieter.

EUR 49,90
inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand: Auf Anfrage
Lieferzeit: 5 - 10 Werktage
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