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Lauren Thompsen/ Derek Anderson
Little Quack's Bedtime / Buenas Noches! Cuaquito (English/Spanish)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 2005
ISBN/EAN: 9781416941149

gefunden im Sachgebiet: Englische Kinderbücher

Lauren Thompsen/ Derek Anderson  Little Quack's Bedtime / Buenas Noches! Cuaquito (English/Spanish)
Broschur Day is done. For Widdle, Waddle, Piddle, Puddle, and Little Quack that means time for B-E-D! But there's blinking, hooting, and swaying in the night that's keeping everyone awake! Mama wants to know when it will finally be BEDTIME? Find out in this timeless lullaby of a story by renowned author Lauren Thompson in Derek Anderson's splendidly illustrated world! A Children's Book of the Month Club Main Selection (Club Libro del Mes para niños selcción principal) written in English with Spanish translations, side by side. Ages: 2 - 6 Review: this is such a cute book. it is my 3 year old daughters favorite. the illustrations are adorable. the book makes my daughter laugh. some nights if she's tired, the book will put her to sleep because it talks about each of the 5 ducks getting tired and closing their eyes and falling asleep 1 by 1. the story is cute and goes through all the things the little ducklings find scary that are stopping them from sleep. it shows how each of the things the little ducks find scary are actually innocent little things like wind through the reeds or an owl or the shadow of a tree. the best part of all for me is that the story is in english and spanish. it is a wonderful opportunity for my daughter to hear spanish. even though i don't speak spanish. the spanish in the book is easy enough that i can read it even though i don't know what it means (although through reading it so many times and following it up with the english, i am starting to learn some of the spanish as well.) after reading the spanish on each page i then read the english. this is great as my daughter is exposed to the spanish. she is taking spanish in school and reading this story every night helps her get used to spanish. i can't say enough about this book by lauren thompson. every kid should be able to have fun with this book. the book originally came with cheerios. i wish so much that you could buy it and the other little quack books that were put out by cheerios, but unfortunately i have looked everywhere and the only way to get these books is to buy them from someone who got them when cheerios gave them out with their cereal. 30

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