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Vatsyayana's Kamasutra. Delhi Asia Press, 1967. XVI + 181 S. Gr. Antikbuch24-SchnellhilfeOktav = Höhe des Buchrücken 18,5-22,5 cm Groß-Oktav Ln.Antikbuch24-SchnellhilfeLn. = Leineneinband "India's most authoritative treatise on sex and love. Mit einigen s/w Abb.Antikbuch24-SchnellhilfeAbb. = Abbildung(en) Der Su. ist an der Kopfkante etwas knickspurig. Die Ecken des Vorderdeckels sind bestoßen. Das untere Kapital ist bestoßen. Der Kopfschnitt und der Vorderschnitt sind nachgedunkelt. Among the many misconceptions about India prevalent in the world, one is the idea that the people here think more of the hereafter than of this world, that the Indian, particularly the Hindu, takes pride anddelightin turning away from the many-splendoured life that this earth offers. Nothing is farther from truth. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, India's philosopher-statesman, says, »There is little in Hindu thought to support the view that one has to attain spiritual freedom by means of a violent rupture with ordinary life. On the other hand, it lays down that we must pass through the normal life conscientiously and with knowledge, work out its values and accept its enjoyments.« This attitude is best reflected in the Hindu attitude to sex life. Far from looking upon it as something dirty or sinful, the ancient Indians developed a science of sex, Kama hastra, which claimed the same respect in the field of knowledge as any other science. As G. P. Majumdar puts it »Erotics in India means the science of human creation with its anticedents and consequents.« Kama Sutra by Vatsyayana is the most comprehensive work setting out in minutest details the various aspects of sex life and the variety of ways in which its pleasure can be maximised. Sex life is not something to be shunned. lt has to be pursued just like the pursuit of religion or wealth. The Indian sages, therefore, made it a subject of serious study and contemplation and Kam Sutra is the sum and substance of knowledge thus acquired. lt has been acclaimed as »the only early treatise in the world on the subject »Erotics«.« The author has won world renown for this work. Writing of him in A Hlstory of Sexual Customs Richard Lewinson says that »the composer of this work Mallanaga Vatsyayan was no light-hearted Don Juan; his repute was that of an exceptionally sage and pious man and this is entirely borne out by the pedantic accuracy with which he introduces his readers to the secrets of eroticism.« The cold objectivity with which he has dealt with the most violent passion, its preliminaries and consequents, is simply amazing. The ways of winning the heart of a girl, of retaining her attachment, of rousing passion in her and of the most satisfactory sexual inter-course are described with such scientific precision and unruffled composure that one has to recognise Vatsyayana as one of the greatest rishis who has attempted, with a great measure of success, to combine the carnal pleasure with emotional tranquility. S. K. De has very aptly remarked: »It is not a lightly written tract on sexology merely for the pleasure of the voluptuary or the virtuoso in love, but a serious and scientific composition which approaches the generally forbidden subject as a part of humanity.« Not that it has nothing for fhe voluptuary. lt contains alt that he may look for. More, it provides a virtuous way to voluptuous play. This volume presents the most authentic rendering of the classic along with picture-plates which provide apt illustrations for the subject." sehr guter Zustand
[SW: Sexualität, Religion, Hinduismus, Kamasutra, Liebe, Sex]
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