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Resurrecting Mingus : A Novel.

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Adams, Jenoyne: Resurrecting Mingus : A Novel. New York : Free Press, 2001. 244 pages ; 24 cm, gebundene Ausgabe, Hardcover mit Original-SchutzUmschlag, ISBN: 0684873524 Zustand: geringe Gebrauchs- u. Lagerspuren, sehr gutes Exemplar. Text / Sprache: Englisch , "Resurrecting Mingus" is the story of a young woman lost -- striving to find her own identity while dealing with powerful and painful questions that force her to confront everything and everyone that matters to her. In this stunning debut novel, Jenoyne Adams, a PEN Center USA West Emerging Voices Fellow, displays a rare talent for a first-time author: the skill and courage to write about some of the most controversial issues today in an absorbing and compulsively readable manner. Mingus Browning is a successful, young, beautiful lawyer whose life is falling apart. After a thirty-five-year marriage, Mingus`s African-American father has suddenly left her Irish mother for a black woman. A daddy`s girl, Mingus is torn between the father she has always been closer to, the mother she may have to defend in divorce proceedings, and a sister hell-bent on winning their lifelong sibling rivalry. Mingus is caught in middle of the three, a woman alone, and, in turn, realizes that she has probably always felt more comfortable that way because she is part of no one group, let alone a united family. Juggling her parents` grief with her own proves to be too much for Mingus as she stumbles from one questionable relationship to another, further complicating her life. After years of isolating herself from those who have tried to care for her, Mingus finally meets someone who rips through her protective defenses and exposes her need to be loved. Eric Simms, a smooth-talking television producer, is through playing dating games and is looking for love for real this time. With Eric, Mingus finally learns to forget the fear of a broken heart and opens herself completely. That is, until word startscirculating that her new love has his secrets as well, and suddenly what was a perfect relationship begins to look like yet another minefield of hurt, .... 17764A ISBN 0684873524
[SW: Jenoyne Adams , Resurrecting Mingus , A Novel , Racially mixed people, Young women, Fiction]
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