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Nicola Cairncross  Money Gym: The Wealth Building Workout

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Nicola Cairncross Money Gym: The Wealth Building Workout Lean Marketing Press 2005 When Will You Gain Financial Freedom? Are you sick to death of feeling like you never have enough money? Do you often worry about your financial future? . If you stopped working right now, would the money stop too? Well there's good news! Anyone can learn the tricks and techniques the rich use to get richer - and this book reveals all. Packed with 90 action-packed lessons you'll develop greater financial intelligence and be well on the road to financial freedom in no time at all. Learn how you can: Give up your day job, work from home or become your own boss. Become a confident property investor & play the stockmarket safely . Profit from your passion & make money while you sleep. Finally be free to have, do and be all the things you ever wanted. Profit from the 4 lanes of the financial freedom highway Isn't it time to enjoy life now and relax knowing your future is already taken care of? The solution is in your hands...Read this book and make your dreams come true Fixtext2 Sofortversand im Luftpolsterumschlag ISBN: 0954568184 gebraucht, gut 228 22,61 x 15,19 x 1,80
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